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KRILA-GRIPS 17th Regional Policy Research ..
Korea Research Institute for Local Administration(KRILA) hosted the 17th Korea-Japan Regional Policy Research Workshop with the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies(GRIPS). The workshop took place in Okayama, Japan. It was co-h..
2017 KRILA-CLAIR Bilateral Seminar [2017-11-20]
KRILA-GRIPS 16th Regional Policy Res.. [2017-10-20]
2016 KRILA-CLAIR Bilateral Seminar [2016-11-30]
KRILA-GRIPS 14th Regional Policy Res.. [2016-10-21]
KRILA-CLAIR 11th Joint Research Work.. [2016-07-12]
KRILA-GRIPS 13th Regional Policy Res.. [2016-06-14]
The Korea Local Administration Review more
Impacts of Ageing Society on Local Adminis..
The speed of ageing society in Korea is so fast that it is very difficult to find comparable countries. Rural areas including agricultural and fishery villages are already in the super-aged socie..
The Impact and Policy Agenda of Local Finance i..
Discussion on Public Agenda and Policy Impacts ..
A Comparative Analysis on Fiscal Equalization E..
The Effects of the Local Education Finance Gran..
Examining ‘Ways of Life’ of the Social Welfar..
A Study on Perception of Council Members and Pu..